Location: Cornerstone Village Senior Assisted Living located in Pittsburgh, Kansas.
Interior Design: Doug Frihart at St. Joseph's Village
Project Manager: Dan Dokken at Law-Kingdon Architects
General Contractor: The Law Company
Graphics Production: Digital Arts Resource Installation: DAR Installation Team

Flash photo shown above taken in the building's interior illustrates the beautifully executed faux stained glass window effect.

Project: Multiple faux stained glass polycarbonate religious themed prints to be designed and produced for installation in Chapels at retirement villages.

Visual Image: Vertical stained-glass photographic image of Jesus was chosen by Dan Dokken from DAR's stained glass Digital Image Library provided through DAR's email support program. Mock-up of arched window was created by DAT showing image placement into window frames and crossbar mullions.

Production: 8'-4" w x 15'-2" h window and archway panel prints were reproduced using solvent-based inks on PSA vinyl. Prints were mounted on velvet matte 10 ml polycarbonate to emphasize stained-glass 'frosted glass' look.

Installation: DAR Installation Team installed polycarbonates on-site using remountable and reuseable 3m adhesive that allows product to be changed out for "seasonal" programs.