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Suburban Hospital–
Rising to the challenges of customized visuals in The Art of Healthcare Environmental Design

Project Manager: CM Beavan & Associates
Architects/Interior Design: TDC Architects
dAR Graphics: Rachael Scandarion
Graphics Production: dAR
Location of Hospital: Bethesda, MD

Designing visuals for healthcare and healing environments involves a unique set of visual, color and content issues that must be addressed early in the project. Among these is the need to identify specific colors and visual elements that effect both the environmental impact on the space, as well as the emotional and psychological impact on, and the needs of, the patients.

digital ARTS Resource tailors its work to meet the specific material and visual needs of the interior design and architectural markets. dAR used their vast image and material resource libraries interfaced with their design program to provide the client with emailed image selection and proofing. The company encourages client involvement to help assure the project's success.

The project: Original parameters involved the creation of a cloud border to be installed as a wall covering throughout the various areas of Surburban Hospital. Those parameters expanded with the architect's added request for creation of customized visual graphics, to incorporate a variety of visual elements, for additional applications in the facility.

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Waiting Room

Examination Room

Nurses Station

Shown in photos is typical patient room with graphics wrapping from entry door, around the room and back to door.

Step One: Key challenges became evident when reviewing client' needs, diagrams, mock-ups and elevations. They included ceilings wrapping with wide curves to lit alcoves and wall planes. The visuals were to meet and match on all sides; installation of the murals and borders had to look seamless and 3-dimensional to name a few. It was essential that dAR create templates that would allow the panelized wallcoverings to install easily, efficiently and accurately.

Step Two: Custom image creation was to be achieved using distinct elements such as puffy-white clouds on blue skies, hot air balloons, hang gliders, parachutists, gliders and seagulls.

The main focus of the uplifting visuals that were to wrap patient and exam rooms, corridors, and nurse's stations included several of the previously mentioned elements. The initial mock-up designed by the architect used a photo scene that had copyright issues. To eliminate these concerns, dAR created a scene that integrated the key elements while adding a completely customized feel to a mountain lake view. A boater, snow-capped mountains, blue sky filled with puffy-white clouds and hot air balloons, complete with lake-water reflections were effectively composited. Coordinated border panels were designed for seamless installation to meet the lakeview and ceiling cloud scenes.

Step Three: Elements of the scene were integrated into adjustable layers and emailed for review. The digital files were then easily adjusted to incorporate the requested client' feedback. Hardcopy proofs were produced and sent for approval. The final artwork was printed on Type II-Class A Medium Stipple wallcovering material and installed with awesome results.