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Sepia Wall Murals–
National Institutes of Health (NIH), Baltimore, MD.
Mark O. Hatfield Center– Mezzanine Level

Project Manager: Chuck Beavan,
C.M.Beavan & Associates

DAR Artist: Rachael Scandarion

Project Description:
Create frieze wall mural images using elevator door metal frieze images as originals. Frieze art depicts six figures of historic significance to the medical community. The figures are Hippocrates, Dorothea Lynde Dix, Asclepiades, Sigmund Freud, Marie Curie, and Walter Reed.

Each large format printed sepia mural stands approximately 10 feet wide by 21 feet high and was printed on Type II Class A smooth stipple wallcovering. Each was installed into individually lit alcoves.

The results are murals with highly dimensional impact that appear to have actually been sculpted into each alcove's wall surface.

Sculpted frieze art on elevator doors

Shown at right are NIH elevator doors featuring two of the figures with a third shown in inset.

Below top:
The first of two mezzanine walls containing three frieze embellished alcoves.

Below middle:
Mural proofs of the six friezes created in a color tone to match the walls.

Below bottom:
The second mezzanine wall containing three frieze embellished alcoves.

Photo of mezzanine with frieze wall murals
frieze proofs of figures
Frieze wall murals in alcoves.